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More and more married couples are choosing not to start a family, and instead pursue a career, travel, volunteer or engage in hobbies. Some argue that our society favors families with children, and that our tax code benefits people who choose to reproduce, and that it's unfair for the childless to have to 'pay' for someone else's choice.

1. Do you believe too many or too little benefits are given to families with children? Why or why not?

2. How would you feel about singles or couples without children receiving tax breaks because they are not using the compulsory education system? How do you respond to the argument that 'children are the future' and so everyone must pay into that system?

3. How do you perceive the lifestyles and personalities of people who choose not to have children?

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1. Which is nobler: personal accountability or self-sacrifice?

2. Do you believe in individual freedom? What does it mean to you?

3. Name one cause you believe in very strongly. How do you show your support?

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1. Name three occupations you would never consider. What factors contribute to this opinion?

2. What are three ideal occupations? What factors contribute to this opinion?

3. Name three great jobs you've held and three of the worst (if you haven't had six or more jobs in your lifetime, just give us one of each.) What factors made them good or bad?

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1. List your picks for the 5 scariest movies of all time.

2. What was your most memorable Halloween costume?

3. Have you ever experienced paranormal phenomenon?

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1. Which actor sports the worst fake accent in any movie you’ve seen? Whose is the best?

2. How would you characterize your accent or dialect? Does it match the region you live in?

3. Have you or has anyone you know had a drastic change in their accent since moving to a new city? Do you like the change?

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1. What kind(s) of misguided advice did your parents (or grandparents) give you as a child? When did you realize that it was bad advice?

2. Do you ever check Snopes.com when you receive an email forward, and then send it back to the entire group list if you found it's a hoax? Why do you think so many people fall for those things?

3. What is the biggest misconception about you?

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1. Do you mind going "number two" in public restrooms? Why or why not?

2. Toilet paper roll: over or under?

3. In general, would you rather wait in line to use a private stall with ammenities (such as special soaps & lotions, touch-free toilet, music) or have immediate access to a multiple-stall restroom with only basic facilities? Why?

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Inspired by this MSN article:

1. What is your current BMI number? Does it list you as underweight, normal, overweight, obese or morbidly obese?

2. In your opinion, what is the major cause of the 'obesity epidemic' in our country?

3. Were/are you ever made fun of in school for being overweight? Did/do you ever make fun of overweight kids?

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1. Do you feel the need to say something such as "There you go!" when handing something to another person?

2. In reference to different regional slang, how do you describe the following things where you're from?

a.) An expensive item (for instance in MN, we use the term "spendy".)
b.) The place where you buy food
c.) The fizzy stuff you generally drink from a can or bottle

3. List three cities in your state/province that have odd spellings. Challenge your friends list to pronounce them correctly. For instance: Faribault, MN is pronounced FARE-uh-bo.

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Inspired by this article: http://a-list.msn.com/

1. Which fashion trend do you believe was the most horrendous? Why?

2. Which fashion trend do you wish would come back into style? Why?

3. Do you typically wear trendy clothing? Why or why not?

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